November 2009

Little update for November. I have spend only about 2 weekends working on the chassis to completed cowl repair.

Cowl panel - final part

Just after sand blasting and priming I decided to go with UBS and top coat of acrylic enamel. You can see the surface masking. And sam masking tape used on bottom side of the cowl area.
This is an undercoating (UBS) gun. I achieved best result and nice coat structure with 70-90 PSI pressure. Undercoating on the cowl top.
Finish results achieved with applying two coats of acrylic flat black. And the bottom part.
Next goal was to weld the cowl cover back to the body. All eighty origianl pot welds which has been drilled previously needs to be weld back. This operation took us about 3 hours in total. I used a PU body sealer to seal entire perimeter of the cowl to prevent rust, potentialy forming in between the overlap panels. This is final finish after grinding.

Seat posts

We welded back the seat reenforcement post to the floor and shaft tunnel.
Seat posts. I have very limited chance to make proper contact between the panel for welding as no clamps can be used in this area. So I used a trick, to drill small 2 mm holes and use a seld tapping screw to fix the two panels together. Then the welding was a way of a second.

Left torque box

This was the last excercise for this month. Torque box cover is now clamped to the frame and sill. My brother is welding the part form bottom.
Some grinding needed and it will be like new.